Purchasing & Shipping

What are Transhippers? 

Before purchasing be aware that Orders are only shipped when these licensed transhippers schedule their exports and imports!  


Transhippers are special aquatic fish importers in your country who will act as a courier to ship my fish from Thailand to your address and most have shipments every 2 weeks or once a month depending on your country. 

Once you order from me I will send the fish to their exporter here in Thailand who will then reship the fish to them (the transhipper), once the fish arrives on their import they will sort and prepare your fish for reshipping to you.

It is advised for you to contact the transhipper in your country to find out re-shipping cost from them to your address before ordering.  (List of transhippers at the bottom of this page) 

 If you find that too confusing I also offer to handle the entire process but only for USA customers  which can be selected in checkout in the shipping section you can select “Transhipper (Overnight Shipping) & Packing Fee” and a flat rate shipping cost will be added so all you do is wait for your fish to arrive on the next schedule shipment.


Steps For Ordering

We can ship  USA and  territory, Canada, Europe, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Mexico, Peru, Hawaii, Laos, Cambodia, UK and Brazil.

Before purchasing please be aware of the shipping costs involved with your Transhippers since cost is difference depending on your country and location. 

Step 1: Contacting a transhipper: 

To contact a transhipper simply send them an email and ask how much it would cost to import X amount of bettas from Franksbettas in Thailand, they will give you a quote for reshipping to your address, if you are happy with the costs you can then order from the site or contact me on my other social media platform to order your fish. 

Step 2: Choosing the type of fish you want : 

To order from the website is simple, each species that is available will be listed on the “Order wild bettas” page, simply click and you can browse all the variants I sell. 

Step 3: Payment: 

We accept PayPal as the main source of payment or if you do not have PayPal we can also use western union but PayPal is recommended as we know that our customers like to feel safe whilst ordering so PayPal is the best choice.

Step 4: Shipping : 

For shipping you can select the option of paying the shipping directly to me (ONLY available for USA orders at this time) for other countries please contact a transhipper and select use my own transhipper, Each additional fish will have an export fee per fish as this is what the exporters charge usually between $5-6 USD per fish.

*Please Note*

Shipping is paid directly to the Transhipper by you and payment for the fish is directly paid to me. Unless you’re using the letting me handle the shipping process for you.



Transhippers are not resellers for my fish DO NOT ask them for my fish as they don’t my stock, we are only using them as the courier to send my fish that only will be sent when you order from me.

When contacting them just say you want to order Franks Bettas fish and use them to tranship for you.

If you select your own transhipper as a method of shipping without awareness of the process you are fully liable for the process and costs. Regardless, we will be more than happy to guide you through it.





 Joel fernandez : Dallas texas +1 972-551-9313-


 Julie TRAN : Sacramento CA (916}895 5333


 Julie Trans Facebook Page : 916 Aquatics   


 Edy Tamtama : New jersey  – Transhipper.service@gmail.com


 Linda OLSON : Denver CO (720)999-1261 linda_9555@msn.com   


 Ivan Andres Miami Florida: Tropicalfish305@gmail.com – 786 209 9355 


 Dale King:  Ventura, California  +1 805-444-6766 islandaquatic@hotmail.com



 UK –Lisa Bradshaw (44) 745 5896 845 


Contact Lisa bradshaw on Facebook       

UK -Dean Hughes –











Hung PHAM Ontario (905)358-2525 topqualityfish@yahoo.ca 

Contact Hung pham on Facebook and say you want to import fish from Franksbettas.

 April ross : 

Email : westcoasttranship@gmail.com

Contact April On Facebook CLICK HERE  

 Southeast Asia


 Patrick Yeoh & Manow Betta

Contact Patrick on Facebook CLICK HERE


Alberto  5531339857 Alb_mova@hotmail.com                                                  


 Hiroki  06-6772-8400 info@bettashop.net                        


 Gerald  06-6772-8400 pinoyaquaticstrading@gmail.com                                                                      


 Jodi-Lea  Fishchick Aquatics fishchick@gmail.com



In rare cases of DOA’s (dead on arrival), As the seller I will take responsibility and send a replacement fish on the next shipment date any reshipping fee is paid by the buyer. In case of DOA a picture and video of the fish in the unopened bag is needed for confirmation and I MUST be notified within two hours of receiving the parcel to be eligible.

FISH DYING DUE TO YOUR OWN MISTAKE IS SOMETHING WE CANNOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR, We are always open for help and advice so always ask before ordering and after ordering 🙂